J105 - Cabinet Coin Restrike

1839 Name Removed, Starless Reverse, Plain Edge, Alignment III, Silver

Struck circa April 1869.  Linderman’s term as Director is terminated in April of 1869. Auction records and emission sequence of the Cabinet Coin Restrikes strongly indicate that the copper and mule Cabinet Coins were struck just prior to Linderman leaving office.

Estimated less than a dozen known, all the same die state:

State A

Obverse: Same as middle state J104 restrikes. Polishing eliminates rust at hand and forearm, and reduces other defects. Scattered light rust pits still seen in the fields.

Reverse: ITED, MERI, LLAR cracks a bit strong than J85 or J88, slightly weaker D spur as in J88, low spot at F gone, strong polish lines across right side of die, indistinct lumps over SO.