J107 - Cabinet Coin Restrike

1839 Name Removed, Starless Reverse, Plain Edge, Alignment III, Copper

Struck circa April 1869.  Linderman’s term as Director is terminated in April of 1869. Auction records and emission sequence of the Cabinet Coin Restrikes strongly indicate that the copper and mule Cabinet Coins were struck just prior to Linderman leaving office.

Only one known, with low spot at right foot of F:

State A

Obverse: About the same as J105. Scattered light rust pits still seen in fields die scratch on hand at pole from third finger down towards wrist.

Reverse: Lightly grainy from rust, especially on letters. ITED, MERI, LLAR cracks faint as with latest J84 restrikes and early J104 restrikes. Strong polishing spur from upper curve of D. Strong, irregular low spot at right foot of F from debris adhering to die, about the same as J63 State B and J64. Die line from second dentil above T to upper left serif of E very weak. Indistinct elongated lump over SO.