J87 - Cabinet Coin Restrike

1838 Name Removed, Starless Reverse, Plain Edge, Alignment III, Copper

J87 - Korein, courtesy uspatterns.com

Struck circa April 1869.  Linderman’s term as Director is terminated in April of 1869. Auction records and emission sequence of the Cabinet Coin Restrikes strongly indicate that the copper and mule Cabinet Coins were struck just prior to Linderman leaving office.

Two pieces currently known, both in the same state:

State A - Due to the cleaning and hairlining, the best that can be said is that obverse state is about the same as J85 State A and prior to full crack on left wrist seen on J85 State B. On the reverse, the low spot at F is weaker than on J107, but stronger than on J65. It is thus placed in the emission sequence after J107 and prior to J85.

Obverse: Slight granularity on figure of Liberty. Does not appear to have the wrist crack seen on J85, but this piece is lightly hairlined from old cleaning and retoning, and that may have obscured the crack.

Reverse: Lightly polished, ITED, MERI, LLAR cracks faint, D spur and low spot at F weaker than on J107 but strong than on J65, with the top section and left section near foot of F flaked-off during striking. Apparently no die line above T, however this piece is hairlined as noted above. Indistinct lumps over SO. All markers weaker from striking and possibly light polish.