J64 - Cabinet Coin Restrike

1836 Name Below Base, Starless Reverse, Plain Edge, Alignment III, Copper

Struck circa April 1869.  Linderman’s term as Director is terminated in April of 1869. Auction records and emission sequence of the Cabinet Coin Restrikes strongly indicate that the copper and mule Cabinet Coins were struck just prior to Linderman leaving office.

Three pieces known, all the same state:

State A

Obverse: Rust patch in front of face, behind hair, and in front of fingers seen on J63, leaving a few small lumps in front of mouth.

Reverse: ITED, MERI, and LLAR cracks faint. D spur and strong irregular low spot at F, these appear a bit weaker, but that is strike. Die line from second dentil above T to upper left serif of E weak. Essentially the same state as J63. Indistinct elongated lump over SO – as with all uses of this reverse, this lump is not indicative of die sates and may or may not be seen depending on polishing and strike.