J62 - Cabinet Coin Restrike

1836 Name On Base, Starry Reverse, Plain Edge, Alignment III, Copper

As with all restrikes, J62 was struck with Starry Reverse B ("The Cracked Reverse").

Struck circa April 1869.  Linderman’s term as Director is terminated in April of 1869. Auction records and emission sequence of the Cabinet Coin Restrikes strongly indicate that the copper and mule Cabinet Coins were struck just prior to Linderman leaving office.

Two pieces currently known, all the same state:

State A

Obverse: Rust patch in front of face as on late state (C) J60 restrikes, J62, and J65.

Reverse: Strong NITED STATES O crack, OLLAR crack stronger than J59 and late J60 restrikes. Small lump between feet A in STATES and a small pit under the right lower serif of E in STATES. Die scratch in U from just below inner curve of right upper serif down towards inner left lower curve. Small crack from wing up to field between 3rd and 4th lower stars. Light crack from right foot of A in DOLLAR to dentil below.