J60 Originals Die State Determination

Check off the defects you see in the list below and click FIND DIE STATE

Note that there are pieces in the “Perfect State” without any of the nicks, chips, or scratches listed. These are fairly scarce. We have found over a dozen confirmed examples where we could clearly see the rim and dentils. A reasonable estimate would be around two dozen.

Also note that Perfect State coins do come very prooflike. These are DMPLs, but not true proofs; see the photos labeled “Strong PL”. There is only one true J60 Proof that we are aware of, the Korein 47 coin, see the photo labeled “Korein Proof” for reference.

Be aware the holder insert can obscure some of the rim nicks and that the two nicks above T can appear to be one large nick. Also, surface dirt can obscure the chips in the dentils and cleaning or hair-lining can cover up the fine scratches at O and D. Since the program will select the die state based on the markers that you can see and choose, if the holder is obscuring rim nicks or dirt is covering dentil chips, the selected die state may not be accurate. Be sure you note this in any description.

1. Perfect - NO DEFECTS SEEN
2. Die chips in the dentils below the last A in AMERICA
3. One or Two rim nicks above T in STATES
4. Clash mark over the eagle’s wing on the reverse
5. Rim nick above A in STATES and die chip in the dentils below R in DOLLAR
6. Rim nick below R in DOLLAR, die scratches through O in ONE and below D in DOLLAR (Note that the die scratches are very fine and are seen best on sharp strikes. They may be obscured by cleaning, hairlines, or handling marks.)
7. Rim nick above the last A in AMERICA
8. Rim nick above U in UNITED